When it comes to actively creating your future

– personally or professionally – I am passionate about partnering with individuals, leaders and organizations and effectively guiding them to achieve their goal.


My expertise is founded on in-depth training in Psychology, Coaching and Business Administration coupled with years of international experience in Leadership and Organizational Development as well as Coaching.


Besides integrating more traditional instruments to create impact for my clients, I leverage proven mind-body-techniques as well as latest research about how the brain works, so to partner with you in an effective, practical and engaging manner: as Coach for Leaders and Individuals and as Consultant for Projects and Organizations.



Coaching is about clarifying what you would like to improve in your life – professionally or personally. About defining a meaningful and effective path for you to successfully achieve your aspired goal with vigor and confidence. About actively creating your future.

Coaching offers you a safe space to work through your challenges in a productive and mindful manner with effective strategies. Coaching helps you uncover

aha-moments, explore your learning and translate newly found insights into goal-oriented results.

Coaching is not therapy.

Coaching is not about dissecting your past.

Coaching is not about having an expert giving you advice.

Coaching is about working in partnership, so as to enable you to:



You are successful in your professional and personal life - and yet you think you might not have tapped your full potential and might be holding back?

Then Coaching may be the right solution for you.


Good fit conversation, Sessions, Fees


Creating impact - effective, practical, well-founded

My Consulting offering centers on creating positive impact, increased engagement and improved performance in your organization, by leveraging my more than 15 years of international experience and in-depth expertise in Leadership and Organizational Development in a Fortune Global 500 company.

My services will be adapted to fit your needs and requirements. Sample of my services:

My services as Consultant, Source of momentum, Concept Designer or Project Manager and my Consulting Fees will depend on your individual project.

To discuss your specific needs and explore the best approach for you, please contact me at:

+41 78 605 01 32 or E-Mail



My Approach

In one-on-one Coaching sessions I'm offering you a safe space to pause, look inward and deal with your concerns and wishes in an effective manner, and as a result move towards your goal with clarity and focus.


I partner with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to:


I'm your ally on your journey and I’m dedicated to leveraging

... so to enable you to overcome obstacles effectively and move more quickly towards your aspired goal


I challenge and support you as you progress towards your goal while holding you accountable to stay on track.



As your Coach and Consultant, I value

... the courage to challenge and the belief about the ability of individuals to learn, grow and do great work.


Bio Maja Popp


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Please Contact Me

I’d love to hear from You

I provide one-on-one Coaching sessions in my office in the Zurich area or in Zurich City, as well as Skype or phone sessions around the world, helping my clients achieve their goals.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you:

Maja Popp Schmidlin

Executive Coaching & Consulting

+41 78 605 01 32

(time zone in Switzerland: CEST)

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Good fit conversation, Sessions, Fees